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Computer and science labs


keyboardAt Frenchville we aim to embed the use of information and communication technology into all classrooms so that the devices themselves become ubiquitous or invisible. Our vision for ICT use is 'Invisible ICTs Visible Outcomes'. 

Computers and computing peripherals such as printers, scanners, Ipads, etc. are quickly becoming an increasingly important part of our lives and are seamlessly integrated into all areas of our life and work.  Frenchville is seen as a leader in ICTs and innovation.  We were one of only three Microsoft Partner in Learning Schools named in Queensland in 2013.  Only twenty schools Australia-wide are given this honour each year.

To support our commitment to 21st century learning we have built access to the following:
-early years computer lab with enough computers for every child in the class, located in C block. This lab also contains a data projector and laser printer.
-middle years computer lab with enough computers for every child in the class, data projector and laser printer, located in the TWiST complex
-computers in every classroom and laser printers in every block. These machines are used in literacy block activities and classroom tasks.  No computer on our campus is more than three years old.
-learning support mini-lab, containing six computers to be used to support students who access the learning support program.
-digital cameras in all classrooms to support classroom learning and video cameras and banks of digital cameras which can be arranged for loan.
-personal laptop computers for every teacher for curriculum and administrative use at home and school.
-school webpage administered by school staff.
-large rear projection data projector and sound system for use at assemblies in our school activity centre.
-Clavinova for use in the musical pursuits of our school.
-interactive Whiteboards in every classroom.
-a teaching staff member who administers the network, mentors staff in the use of ICTs and provides training and professional development. Teacher Paul Norton performs this role.
-dedicated professional technician time.  Mr Steve Robinson performs this role.
-one to one laptop classes, which were commenced in 2009 with year five students. Students purchase a specified ICT device which can be sourced through a school purchasing portal or alternatively through a supplier as decided by the parent.  This program is called BYOX (Bring Your Own Device)
-banks of Ipads and Ipods for classroom use in literacy and numeracy rotations.
-gaming technology in our TWiST lab
-a supportive range of educational software to underpin the curriculum
-an XO Device trial commenced in 2014 for all Year Four students. 
In 2016 our school trialed a MakerSpace, one of only seven primary schools in the State being offered this option.  The MakerSpace contains 3D printing capacities and a range of non-standard ICT devices which students can use to design new solutions and to solve problems.  The MakerSpace supports innovation across the curriculum. 


science experimentA specialised science lab, complete with multiple sinks, experiment tables, access to a deck for messy outdoor activities and a vinyl floor for messy indoor experiments, plus multimedia materials including a digital microscope and interactive whiteboard is located in the TWiST centre. However, in 2017 it is out of use while our administration block is being refurbished as it is temporarily housing our teaching aide materials.